Thailand Launches Special Court for Online Fraud Cases

Thailand Launches Special Court for Online Fraud Cases

January 27, 2022

Thailand’s Office of the Judiciary has established a court specifically to handle online fraud cases. Starting today, the court’s online shopping division will begin considering fraud cases for prosecution in the country. According to published reports, the new division has established an e-filing system where victims of online fraud can file cases against alleged offenders.

Like much of the rest of the world, e-commerce in Thailand boomed during the Covid-19 pandemic as lockdown restrictions led to a huge surge in online activity. As lockdowns attenuated through 2021, however, e-commerce continued to boom, and fraud followed suit.

According to spokesman Sorawis Limparangsi, the Office of the Judiciary will sign an agreement of cooperation with the Consumer Protection Board, the Electronic Transactions Development Agency, the Food and Drugs Administration, the Legal Execution Department of the Royal Thai Police and the Thailand Consumers Council for the exchange of information for consumer protection.

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