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How Merchants Can Implement Frictionless Payments While Preventing Fraud

by Rafael Lourenco, Executive Vice President, ClearSale

Q2 2021 Fraud Sharply Higher Than Last Year as Pandemic-Driven Move to Online Transactions Continues

The number of online transactions has nearly doubled the number of in-person transactions, which is driving a range of online scams, according to a...

Report: E-Commerce Continued to Rise Through H1 2021; Travel and Ticketing Rebounding

The pandemic’s effect on e-commerce in 2020 was well noted. That growth continued in the first half of 2021, although it seems to be moderating as...

70% of Merchants Spent Time in Network Chargeback Monitoring Programs in the Last 12 Months

Nearly 60 percent of respondents in a recent study think their chargeback rate has increased since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020....