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Report: Identity Verification Spend to Reach $21 Billion in 2027

Businesses will spend nearly $21 billion annually on digital identity verification technology in 2027, according to a new report. That’s up 88...

How Has the Perception of the Fraud Team Changed Since the Pandemic?

By Lola Omo-Ikerodah, Senior Content Writer, Ravelin

Pop Culture Portrayals of Fraud Have Mixed Effect on Vulnerability, Says Report

Online fraud has had an elevated presence in pop culture recently, and a new study finds mixed results on the effect that exposure has on consumers’...

US Consumers Lose Record $3.56 Billion to Online Fraud in H1 2022

While the amount U.S. consumers lose to fraud scams is not a perfect analogue to fraud loss trends experienced by e-commerce merchants, it’s a...

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