Sift Integrates MFA Capability after Keyless Acquisition

Sift Integrates MFA Capability after Keyless Acquisition

March 31, 2022

Antifraud technology provider Sift has added multi-factor authentication capability to its app store after its November acquisition of biometric authentication provider Keyless. The integration of Keyless’s technology will enable Sift customers to offer facial recognition as an authentication method (similar to Apple’s Face ID).

The news comes as European merchants are facing mandates to implement Strong Customer Authentication as part of the second Payment Services Directive. In the U.K., the deadline for merchants to meet SCA requirements was March 14.

Sift is promoting the capability as one part of a defense against account takeover attacks, which continue to surge for various reasons worldwide post-pandemic.

“Account takeover attacks have reached new heights—in turn, many trust and safety teams are actively seeking out passwordless alternatives,” said Geoff Huang, Senior Vice President of Product at Sift. “Through the new integration, businesses no longer need to choose between fraud and friction to more securely and seamlessly authenticate users.”

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