Refund Fraud Catches Mainstream Attention

Refund Fraud Catches Mainstream Attention

July 15, 2021

CNP and other media outlets specializing in e-commerce fraud have been reporting on a new type of return abuse that emerged during the pandemic—and the wider public is just beginning to notice.

Refund fraud involves professional fraudsters who become intimately familiar with the return policies of online retailers. For a fee, they help regular consumers navigate the process of making a purchase and initiating a return for a product they know the retailer will not ask them to send back—a type of supercharged friendly fraud enabling consumers to keep a product they ordered and get a refund simultaneously, without initiating a chargeback.

CNP Editor-in-Chief D.J. Murphy hosted a session at the recent NRF Retail Converge virtual event (available until July 25 on demand) that resulted in a Wall Street Journal article on the topic.

Two of the panelists at the June NRF event, Finish Line’s Head of E-Commerce Fraud and Risk Management Dajana Gajic-Fisic and industry consultant Karisse Hendrick, were quoted extensively in the article and hope the attention of a major publication will result in more effort working toward a solution.

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