Neustar Acquires TrustID for Call-Center Authentication

Neustar Acquires TrustID for Call-Center Authentication

January 10, 2019

Signaling the rapidly increasing importance of technology focused on authentication in the CNP space, Neustar recently announced it has acquired TrustID. Neustar, a Sterling Va.-based organization, applies real-time information and analytics to identity verification for internet, telecommunications, risk, defense and marketing companies. With the acquisition of Portland, Ore.-based TrustID, will enable Neustar to offer its clients a solution for authentication in call center environments.

Founded in 2007, TrustID enables companies to move beyond knowledge-based authentication questions as a means to verify the identity of callers contacting their call centers. Social engineering targeting call centers has become a major way fraudsters are able to gain information necessary to engage in account takeover.

"The combination of TRUSTID and Neustar creates a powerful capability to combat consumer fraud," said Pat Cox, CEO of TrustID who will join Neustar under the agreement. "There has been a big shift into account takeovers as the preferred tactic for criminals with most takeovers starting in call centers. Neustar's powerful identity data joined with TRUSTID's market-leading authentication system will drive even greater efficiency within call centers by increasing the precision for risk stratification of non-authenticated inbound calls."


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