Millennials Ready to Buy via Chat Apps

Millennials Ready to Buy via Chat Apps

June 10, 2021

Younger Americans want to conduct online commerce through chat apps, the results of a new survey say. According to the Chat Commerce Trends Report from mobile communications and chat commerce technology provider Clickatell, 82 percent of millennials say they want to make purchases via chat apps like Facebook Messenger, Apple iMessage, What’s App, Snapchat and Instagram Chat.

The report found 71 percent of millennials use chat apps daily and a significant number also want to communicate with businesses via chat. The trend takes on additional importance in light of the fact that 6.1 billion people use chat apps every month compared to only 4.6 billion who use Internet, according to Statista 2021.

"Younger consumers have moved to chat and are ready to do business on chat," said Pieter de Villiers, CEO and co-founder of Clickatell. "This research shows they value the convenience and speed of doing business via their favorite chat apps. Businesses will gain a competitive edge by meeting this increasingly influential group of consumers where they are, which is on chat."

Other key findings in the report include:

  • 54 percent of millennials have received a message through a chat app about an order pickup, delivery or package arrival
  • 38 percent have received a link via chat to make a payment
  • 41 percent have used a link via chat to book or confirm an order, appointment or a reservation

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