LNRS Acquires BehavioSec for Added Authentication Capability

LNRS Acquires BehavioSec for Added Authentication Capability

May 5, 2022

LexisNexis Risk Solutions (LNRS) said this week it has acquired behavioral biometric technology provider BehavioSec. Integrating behavioral biometrics into its antifraud solution will enable merchants to better establish the identities of their online customers and prevent fraud using a layered defense, the Atlanta-based technology company said in a statement.

"Behavioral biometrics is a valuable component in fraud prevention strategies that layer defenses to tighten the net that stops fraudsters,” said Rick Trainor, CEO of Business Services at LNRS. “Founded 14 years ago by a team of highly accomplished visionaries, BehavioSec is a forerunner in the behavioral biometrics segment and continues to evolve and innovate ahead of any other behavioral biometric solution available today. Our combined customer base will benefit significantly from a blended behavioral biometrics solution within ThreatMetrix that offers more defense for customers without adding friction across the consumer journey."

Behavioral biometrics technology establishes mobile users’ identity by analyzing how trusted users physically interact with their device (e.g., how and where they manipulate the touch screen) and comparing that analysis during subsequent transactions as an authentication method.

LNRS said it will integrate the BehavioSec technology into the ThreatMetrix solution for larger companies but will continue to offer it as a standalone tool for small and midsize merchants that want behavioral biometric capability.

Financial details of the acquisition were not reported.

Disclosure: LNRS and CardNotPresent are both owned by RELX Corporation.

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