Kount’s Email First Seen Indicates Identity Trust

Kount’s Email First Seen Indicates Identity Trust

March 26, 2020

Fraud prevention best practices often stress that sophisticated fraud attacks require sophisticated prevention strategies. Since fraud tactics are dynamic, new technologies and approaches are needed to stay ahead of it. Email First Seen is a simple and direct approach to smart fraud prevention.

From logging in to a loyalty account or confirming a purchase, consumers are often asked for their email addresses. Consumers are conditioned to provide this detail and accept that by submitting their email, they will receive purchase verifications, a receipt, and shipping confirmations. They typically do not associate being asked for an email address with friction. Yet, that email address holds a deep well of information for businesses that seek to confirm the identity of the consumer purchasing their product.

Many digital businesses see a correlation between the age of an email address and the risk of fraud related to that email address. For example, most consumers have used the same email address for some time, while bad actors often create new email addresses for every transaction in an attempt to circumvent basic velocity checks and link analysis.

Why is Email Age an Important Identity Trust Signal?

New email addresses are often high indicators of low trust levels. Fraudulent activity and automated attacks frequently use new credentials in order to deceive businesses. If businesses are able to see the age of an email that appears in an interaction, then they can more quickly and accurately determine identity trust. Fraud prevention effectiveness relies on a combination of fraud and risk signals in order to generate a complete picture of authentication details.

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What is Email First Seen?

Kount recently announced Email First Seen capabilities as part of its AI-powered Identity Trust Global Network. Email First Seen applies throughout the customer journey, from payments, to account login, to account creation.

The Identity Trust Global Network consists of fraud and trust signals from over half a billion email addresses. It also spans 32 billion interactions and 17.5 billion devices that are screened annually across 75 business sectors and 50-plus payment providers and card networks. The network is linked by Kount’s next-generation artificial intelligence (AI) and works to establish real-time trust for each identity behind a payment transaction, log in or account creation.

Kount’s Email First Seen allows customers to see the age of an email that appears in an interaction, and, thus, gauge its trust. This doesn’t mean that new emails are automatically rejected, however. This data point could signal additional friction is needed in order to authenticate the identity behind the transaction. With advanced AI, Kount’s Identity Trust Global Network goes to work analyzing billions of identifiers to establish real-time links between identity elements in order to return identity trust decisions that provide the desired customer experience ranging from low friction to blocking fraud.

“Businesses want as much detail as possible to determine identity trust, and Kount’s Email First Seen delivers immediate value,” said Rich Stuppy, chief customer experience officer at Kount. “Many

businesses have fraud use cases where zero email age is a strong indicator of risk. A number of Kount customers have already implemented Email First Seen and have seen a direct impact in terms of reducing chargebacks, manual reviews, and false positives.”

To understand how Email First Seen upgrades fraud prevention, schedule a demo.

What if a Trusted Customer Sets Up a New Email Address?

There are instances when good customers create new email addresses. This does not automatically signal concern. It takes a network with the depth and breadth of data like Kount’s, which includes more than half a billion email addresses, in order to understand this difference. Kount’s AI can balance this new information with other factors across its data network.

How Does Email First Seen Fit in to Kount’s Platform?

Immediately available at no cost to Kount customers, Email First Seen is native to the Kount platform, allowing the information to be accessible in real time to inform fraud and trust decisions. With 14x more email addresses than any other network, Kount’s Email First Seen is also the most reliable.

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