Hundreds Attend CNP Virtual Event, Sessions Available On-Demand

Hundreds Attend CNP Virtual Event, Sessions Available On-Demand

October 13, 2022

Last week, nearly 300 e-commerce and digital merchants gathered online to take part in the 2022 CNP Virtual Summit. During the three-day event, e-commerce fraud and payments professionals were treated to presentations and panel discussions dissecting, explaining and offering solutions for the biggest challenges they face—some emerging very recently, others long standing.

Nearly 20 speakers gave their time, thought and expertise to help others in the industry become more capable of operating in an increasingly challenging digital fraud environment.

“Only by sharing information, trends, tactics and best practices can fraud professionals in the e-commerce space even hope to keep up with the accelerating pace and sophistication of the attacks arrayed against them,” said CNP Editor-in-Chief D.J. Murphy, who served as the summit’s host and moderated a panel for fraud managers on best practices for interviewing and hiring fraud team members. “I’m grateful for the folks who stepped up in an effort to increase the collective knowledge of fraud fighters.”

While the event was streamed live, offering audience members the chance to engage presenters and panelists with questions, the individual sessions are available to anyone. Those who already registered and attended the CNP Virtual Summit live can visit the session directory, click on the session you want to view and log in using the login information you already received. If you haven’t registered yet, you can still access the on-demand content the same way, just register first and CNP will send your log-in credential.

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