Happy Holidays from Card Not Present

Happy Holidays from Card Not Present

December 17, 2020

In more sedate times, we would be using this space to check in with our readers to send them holiday wishes amid what is generally the craziest time of the year. This year, however, “crazy” has been a constant companion since March. At Card Not Present, we want to extend to our community heartfelt thanks. The e-commerce industry provided a lifeline for people forced to stay at home for an extended period of time and you comprise an important part of keeping us safe.

Many of you have been forced to operate as if it was the holiday season since the spring. We hope those of you who have had little rest since then are surviving and, if possible, thriving. If your duties and circumstances allow it, we hope you are able to spend some time safely with family. Mostly, we hope for a little peace and for a better 2021. Best wishes to ALL our readers from the Card Not Present staff.

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