Fraud Prevention Book Hits the Shelves

Fraud Prevention Book Hits the Shelves

March 31, 2022

Expertise in fraud prevention has usually come via hard-won, real-world experience or information sharing—either informally through networking or in more structured presentations at conferences and virtual events. Long-form academic examinations of the space have been rare, but a new book from a pair of industry veterans has given fraud pros a comprehensive look at the topic they can use as a lasting reference.

Practical Fraud Prevention: Fraud and AML Analytics for Fintech and E-Commerce, Using SQL and Python is the culmination of two years of effort by authors Gilit Saporta and Shoshana Maraney. Published by O’Reilly Media and released this month, the book covers typical attack types, the natural tension that exists between fraud prevention and a frictionless user experience, and proven fraud prevention methods and analytics.

Gilit Saporta began her career in fraud prevention with Fraud Sciences and continued with PayPal when the e-wallet acquired the Israeli company in 2008. She has served in various senior fraud prevention and training roles since then and currently is director of fraud analytics at DoubleVerify. Shoshana Maraney is a writer who has served in communications and content roles in the fraud prevention space for nearly a decade at Forter and Identiq.

The book is available in both physical and digital formats at Amazon and other outlets.

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