Early Bird Prices for In-Depth Payments & Fraud Education End Tomorrow

Early Bird Prices for In-Depth Payments & Fraud Education End Tomorrow

April 4, 2019

The range of challenges affecting e-commerce payments and fraud departments is long, complex and evolves constantly. Professionals in the space understand that they are responsible for their own education and, if they aren’t attentive to and diligent about it, their companies will lose revenue.

This year’s CNP Expo assembles another unequalled educational lineup for fraud and payments pros covering a wide array of issues, featuring a full slate of respected veterans. But your chance to take advantage of the program—as well as network with peers eager to share knowledge—at the lowest price is running out.

Learn how Airbnb manages risk in real time, how to navigate the complicated payments environment in Latin America from delivery app Rappi.com, work hacks that enable you to fight fraud effectively within tight budget constraints from Square, eTix, Paciolan and Udemy, what they are doing about friendly fraud at letgo.com, how fraud teams at Macy’s, Poshmark and Patreon work with others in their own company to raise their corporate profile and overall effectiveness, and more.

From a former fraudster who spent time in prison talking about issues from a criminal’s perspective, to an FBI leader fighting fraud from the opposite side of the fence, CNP Expo is your place to enhance your effectiveness in your current job and your prospects for a long and satisfying career in online payments and fraud.

Early bird rates to attend this year’s event in San Francisco, however, expire tomorrow, so register now.

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