CNP Payment and Fraud Basics at CNP Expo’s First Day: Optimize Conversion

CNP Payment and Fraud Basics at CNP Expo’s First Day: Optimize Conversion

May 21, 2019

When it comes to payments and fraud, ensuring frictionless transactions is invaluable. That was the message CNP attendees took away from today’s Payments and Fraud Boot Camp, presented by Radial.

Because card-not-present (CNP) transactions have an inherently different payment profile than card-present ones, speakers from Radial explained the basic elements of CNP payments (merchant account, interchange, cost and security) for attendees new to the industry.

The payment and the fraud both start at checkout, but even before the customer finalizes the purchase, there are multiple aspects of the CNP transaction that will demand the merchant’s time, money and resources.

Radial said that fraud analysis needs to begin prior to checkout, adding that device fingerprint technologies, which create a unique identification for a device, can help to detect fraud in the pre-authorization phase. While device and other technologies can do much to root out fraud, however, merchants must remember that balance between fraud prevention and user experience is key.

“After the customer is off the page, there is a lot to do to maximize the conversion. What matters most,” said Bryan Heron, senior product manager at Radial, “is to get paid, ship the order and keep the money and the customer. The goal is all about the customer experience, getting them through simply with a positive buying experience that is convenient, simple and frictionless.”

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