CNP Awards Features New Categories

CNP Awards Features New Categories

January 7, 2021

Fraudsters and their tactics continuously evolve, requiring e-commerce merchants to use increasingly sophisticated technology to combat them. The CNP Awards are a yardstick to measure how well firms in the antifraud and payments space are supporting merchants.

The most visible change in 2021 to the awards is an alteration in what has always been our most popular category—Best Antifraud Solution. Over the past several years, the technology to identify and prevent fraud has evolved and specialized. As such, we have split the Antifraud award into four distinct categories: Best Antifraud Solution – Case Management, Best Antifraud Solution – Managed Solution, Best Antifraud Solution – Mobile Solution, and Best Antifraud Solution – Startup.

The CNP Awards are accepting nominations through Friday, Feb. 12. Check out categories, judging criteria and enter at


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