Bring on the Biometrics: Report Finds Companies Poised to Go Passwordless

Bring on the Biometrics: Report Finds Companies Poised to Go Passwordless

July 11, 2019

Most organizations plan to adopt new authentication solutions within the next two years according to research firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA).

Sponsored by MobileIron, the report, “Passwordless Authentication: Bridging the Gap Between High-Security and Low-Friction Identity Management,” found that the vast majority (90 percent) of companies experienced a significant password policy violation last year. As a result, organizations are well positioned to transition into the realm of zero-password access to business services.

“Mobile device authentication solutions were determined to be the easiest of all identity management technologies to deploy, while one-time passwords were indicated to be the most challenging,” the report said.

The transformation from passwords to a layered approach to authentication that involves biometrics is a safer approach to online transactions, according to Justin Fox, director of DevOps for behavioral biometrics company NuData Security, who added that consumers are not ready to part with their passwords as yet.

“This new report by EMA exposes the positions of security experts, who understand better the problems with static passwords and the benefits of other security technologies such as physical and passive biometrics,” Fox said.

“The result of this report underscores the importance of educating end users about benefits and risks of current security technologies so that they can understand the fundamental problem with relying on passwords, thus make better decisions and support secure processes such as biometrics when they encounter them.”

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