Breaking Down Silos to Build Partnerships that Combat Fraud

Breaking Down Silos to Build Partnerships that Combat Fraud

May 22, 2019

Building relationships across siloed corporate departments is increasingly important for a fraud strategist whose primary goal is combatting fraud, according to Jessica Doerschuk and Maryann Owens, fraud strategists at PlayStation, Sony Interactive Entertainment, who spoke at this year’s CNP Expo in San Francisco.

Fraud strategist is not yet a common title in fraud and risk departments. But, Doerschuk and Owens said they are asked to form new partnerships and network internally and externally in order to find out how to collaborate within and across the industry.

Together, business and fraud teams must review the timing of new features or products and ensure the efficacy of the company’s fraud tools remains on track. The key in building relationships, though, is approaching internal teams from a "how can we help?" perspective, Owens said.

As part of the global fraud management team, fraud strategists work with fraud risk and data sciences and fraud security data solutions to monitor trends closely in order to choose how to best act against fraud. Through their interactions with different teams, Owens and Doerschuk said they have learned to negotiate for resources and compromise on timelines.

Technical relationships are equally as important as business teams, but fraud strategists also have to build trust with the legal and compliance teams. Because legal doesn’t always know what account take over (ATO) attacks means, it’s important to be able to demonstrate what is actually happening and where the risks are.

“We seek guidance from them, but we also learn from them. When we propose initiatives, it’s really important that we discuss the guidelines we need to take in mind. It’s an open-ended discussion,” Owens said. “We’ve gotten to know our legal and cybersecurity teams’ main expertise. For us in fraud, we can help expand cyber’s network so that we can tell them where else we see these red flags on our platform.”

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