Amazon Prime Day Totals Estimated to Top $9.7 Billion

Amazon Prime Day Totals Estimated to Top $9.7 Billion

October 15, 2020

Amazon’s Prime Day sale is one of the most active online sales days of the year outside of the holiday season. While the Seattle-based online retailing giant generally does not share results, outside groups say after the event’s first day (Tuesday, Oct. 13) retailers selling through Amazon’s marketplace will see revenues rise as much as 42 percent, on average, compared with last year.

Amazon postponed the event from its usual summertime slot to Oct. 13 and 14 as the world was still dealing with many of the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Taking Day 1 into account, the research group Digital 360 estimates revenue will reach more than $9.7 billion compared to $7.16 billion last year.

While Amazon Prime Day sales totals compare favorably to Cyber Monday (though it is two days vs. one for Cyber Monday), China Singles Day, the sales event launched by Chinese online juggernaut Alibaba garnered $38 billion in a 24-hour period in 2019.

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