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E-Commerce Sales Settle as Stores Open, BOPIS Still Strong

Report: Digital Payments Rise Along with ATO and Chargeback Fraud

CNP Leads Sessions on E-Commerce Fraud at Virtual NRF Event

eBay Expands Management of Payments in European Countries

E-Commerce Sites Targeted by Baka Skimmer

Dutch PSP Mollie Nets $100 Million for Expansion

Connected Car Payments Market to Surge in the Next Decade

Visa Partners with FinTech Vipps

Survey: Men Experience More Online Shopping Fraud

Amazon Alexa Users Can Buy Gas Using Voice Command

Instagram Adds New Checkout Option

Fuel Merchants Racing Against EMV Deadline, Fraud Liability Shift

Returns and Refunding Fraud Costing Merchants Millions

Digital Fraud Against Business Declines as Stores Reopen

UK Green Lights Visa’s Acquisition of Plaid

Digital Payments in India Poised to Triple

Debit Company Eftpos Jumps Into Digital Payments Service

Did Sweden Just Set the Next Big Trend in E-Commerce Payments?

NRF: Coronavirus Spurs Increase in Mobile Payments, Contactless Credit Cards

Fraud Costs, E-Commerce Transactions Both Up in July

Card-Not-Present Payments See Double-Digit Surge

CCPA Regulations Finalized

Microsoft SCA Testing Raises Conversion Fears

Facebook Launches Payments Group to Focus on In-App Purchase Initiative

Digital Wallets Are Hot, Cash is Not

Report: B2B Cross-Border and Instant Payments to Rise

Chargeback Rates See Double-Digit Drop

Survey: Subscription-Based Payments Continue Strong Growth

Pandemic Pushes Digital Wallet Adoption, Online Shopping Higher

Vesta Lands Investment for APAC Expansion

Using Data to Demonstrate Your Value and Get Your Fraud Team the Resources They Need

CNP Fraud Costs U.S. Merchants $3.36 for Every $1 of Direct Fraud Loss

Merchants May Lack Tools to Fight Bots

Amazon Dash Carts Further Vision of Cashier-less, Card-Free Shopping

Study Finds U.S. Consumers Prefer Digital Payment of Monthly Bills

Fraud Values, E-Commerce Sales Jump in First Half of 2020

Research: Customer Data Up for Grabs Due to Poor Site Security

Goldman Sachs Bullish on E-Commerce Forecast

Pandemic Phishing Scams a Top Conduit for Digital Fraud

Expanding CCPA - What Merchants Need to Know about Proposed CPRA Law

Russian Fraud Ring Uses E-Commerce Marketplace to Test Accounts

Account Takeover Easier Than Ever with Billions of Credentials for Sale

Keeper Magecart Group Manages 570 E-Commerce Site Infections

Report Details How Fraudsters Target E-Commerce Mobile Sites

Pandemic Speeds Up Global Adoption of Digital Payments

E-Commerce Gains, While Overall Retail Sales Dip This Year

Contactless Increasing as ‘Preferred Payment Method’ in U.S.

Q&A: CCPA Enforcement Arrives, What Merchants Need to Do Now

BOPIS, BORIS Options Increase Due to Pandemic E-Commerce Trends

Square Launches Delivery Service That Allows Merchants to Take Direct Orders

No Longer Alternative: The Rapidly Approaching Future of Local Payment Methods

Mastercard Sees Massive Global Upswing in Touchless Payments, E-Commerce Purchases

More Online Gaming Leads to Increase in Online Attacks Completes New Funding Round

Accessories Retailer Claire’s Falls Victim to Magecart Attack

Refunding Fraud: The Industrialization of Friendly Fraud

Covid-19 Alters Payments Landscape, 5G Poised for Impact Too | CNP Q&A

Chargeback Lands $6.6 Million Investment

WhatsApp Taps Brazil for First Nationwide Rollout of Payments

E-Commerce Sales Rise 81% in May, Chargebacks Remain Troublesome

Chargebacks Largely Caused by Confusion

Studies Predict Permanent Change to Retail, Restaurant Outlook

A Cautionary Tale: How Covid-19 Policies Can Lead to Chargebacks

Covid-19 Dramatically Accelerates E-Commerce Penetration

Covid-19 Prompts PayPal to Offer QR Codes

Mastercard: Europeans Now Favor Contactless Payments

Card Not Present Announces 2020 CNP Award Winners

Many Merchants Unprepared for Account Takeovers

Amid Pandemic, Merchants Struggle to Tell Fraud from Legitimate Online Purchases

Report: Dramatic Fall in Card Volume During Pandemic

Vesta Secures $125 Million from Private Equity Firm

Fraud Hits Millennials, Telecommunications Industry Hard During Pandemic

Payments in a Time of Social Distancing

More Card-Not-Present Payments During Stay-at-Home Orders

Covid-19 Concerns Turn More Older Users to Digital Payments

Visa Delays U.S. Interchange and Fee Changes

E-Commerce Transactions and Fraud Rates Both Rise in April

Pandemic Pushes Online Shopping Higher – Even into the Future

Mastercard: Consumers Prefer Contactless Payment Amid Pandemic

Pandemic Further Tamps Use of Credit, Debit Cards and Cash

Banks Losing Battle in Criminal ATO Schemes

Amazon Tries Video Calls to Avoid Fraudulent Sellers

E-Commerce in the Cross Hairs for Fraudsters

Communicating Your Team’s Value in Tough Times: ‘You’ve Got to Sell it, and Sell it Hard’

Events, Travel Companies Suffer From Inflated Fraud Rates

Retailers Without Preferred Payment Methods May Lose Customers

ID Verification Firm Onfido Gets $100 Million Injection

Stripe Nets $600 Million in Funding as Covid-19 Accelerates Online Migration

What’s For Sale on the Dark Web? Lots of ‘How-To’ Fraud Guides

Chargebacks and Friendly Fraud Soar as Food Delivery and Pick Up Surge

CNP Q&A: Why Alternative Payments Are Surging in the Age of Covid-19

Sift Data Report: How the Global Pandemic Is Affecting Specific Industries and Consumer Behavior

Covid-19 Crisis Pushes E-Gift and E-Commerce Sales Up

Payments Group Issues New Guidance on Tackling Financial Threats

Real-Time Payments Poised for Massive Growth

Payment Firms Offer Free Services for Covid-19 Relief

E-Commerce Sales Up as Shoppers Head Online in Pandemic

Report: False Declines Lead to More Losses than Fraud

Digital Payment Demand Way Up Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Covid-19: Enhancing Online Customer Experience While Fighting Fraud

Account Takeovers See Triple Digit Increase in 2019, Says TransUnion

Report: Online Payment Fraud Losses to Exceed $25 Billion

How Merchants Can Defend Against Coronavirus Fraud

2020 Outlook: New Fraud Schemes, Same End Goal

Covid-19 Crisis: How Travel Merchants Can Weather the Chargeback Storm

Covid-19 Delivers Both Ups and Downs to FinTech

CNP Summit Postponed as Public Health Crisis Grows

Grocery Delivery Apps See Record Growth amid Pandemic Sheltering

Eateries Ask Customers to Go Cashless for Payment

Fraudsters Take Advantage of Coronavirus Panic

Report: Fraud is Global, Hyperconnected

New Account Credit Card Fraud Up 88% YoY

Criminals Now Favor Mobile Devices for Fraud

Report Predicts Fraud Losses Will Top $200 Billion

The Extension of SCA: A Sensible Move or an Unnecessary Delay?

Amazon Cashierless Grocery Store Debuts in Seattle

MGM Data Breach Exposes Info on 10.6 Million Guests

Coinbase Cryptocurrency Offering Gains Membership in Visa Network

Top 5 CNP Summit Sessions (So Far)

Global Digital Payments Market Poised for Massive Growth

Futuristic Payment System Would ID Commuters by Their Walk

Where in the World is Payments Innovation? LATAM

As Big Tech Firms Expand into Payments, Are They Prepared to Wrangle Fraud?

Human-Driven Attacks Up as Fraudsters Turn to ‘Sweatshops’

Lacking Resources, Merchants Get Clobbered by Friendly-Fraud Chargebacks

Apple Pay On Pace to See 10% of Global Card Transactions

7-Eleven Pilots ‘Just-Walk-Out’ Stores

WhatsApp Pay to Enter India

Reserve Bank of India Creates Digital Payments Index

Global Payments Trends Retailers Should Look Out for in 2020

Massive Walmart Gift Card Scheme Busted

LexisNexis Risk Solutions Adds to Fraud Portfolio with Acquisitions

Experian: Businesses See More Fraud Losses

Fraud is Major Driver of AI Adoption in Business

Worldline Consolidates with Ingenico in $8.6B Deal

Friendly vs. Family Fraud: Is There an Important Difference for Merchants?

Real-Time Payments Platforms Push Fraud Losses Higher

Report: Digital Is the Future of Gift Cards, But Fraud will Continue

India to Disable Any Cards Not Used for Online Payments

Digital Payments Market Poised for Massive Growth

Secure Remote Commerce Driving Surge in Tokenized Payments, Says Report

Fed: Remote Payments Rapidly Gain on In-Person Card Payments

Shoppers Want to Use Mobile Wallets for In-Store Purchases

ETA Praises Progress in Trade Deal with China

AI in Fraud Prevention: Identifying Suspicious Orders, Convincing Suspicious Merchants

Report: Top 3 Fraud Threats Facing Merchants

Friendly Fraud Will Cost Merchants $50 Billion in 2020, Says Report

Visa to Acquire FinTech Startup Plaid

E-Gift Cards Account for 20% of Total Holiday Gift Card Sales, Says Report

E-Commerce Shows Growth Before and After Christmas Day

Amazon Enters Partnership with Indian Retailer to Sell Online

Record-Breaking E-Commerce Returns Expected This Season

Cashing in on E-Commerce: What We’ve Learned During the Holiday Shopping Season

Mastercard Partners to Launch First Mobile Wallet Gift Card

Report: B2B Cross-Border Payments Pose Fraud, Complexity Challenges

Fraudulent Cart Sizes Up This Holiday Shopping Season

PNC Locks Customers Out of Venmo, Suggests Moving to Zelle

A Trio of Threats Top Merchants' Naughty List This Year

Report: Holiday Season Fraud Spiked 60% Since 2017

Amazon Enters Fraud Prevention Market

AI-Driven Fraud Prevention Solution Delivers Four Key Benefits

FICO: UK Card Fraud Losses Hit Record High Driven by CNP Fraud

Federal Reserve Now a Founding Sponsor of U.S. Faster Payments Council

Online Retailers Should Be On Guard against Mixed-Cart Fraud

Holiday Shoppers Concerned About E-Commerce Fraud This Season

Holiday Shopping Season Starts Strong for E-Commerce Retailers

Happy Thanksgiving from Card Not Present and the CNP Report

Reports: Consumers Will Give ‘No Second Chances’ on Fraud during Holidays

Payment Fraud Eating up Merchants’ Time and Budget, Says Report

Double-Digit Increase in Fraud Losses Worldwide

List Identifies Top Five Payment Trends of 2019, Wallets and Debit Finding Favor Online

Dynamic Friction and the Fight against Account Takeover

China’s Singles Day Breaks Online Sales Records Again, Spreads Globally

Zelle Scam Emerging

Fraudsters Prep for Holiday Shopping Season with Increase in ATO Attacks

US Consumers Embrace Mobile Payments Again

Facebook Launches New Payment System Across Platforms

Subscription Merchants Prepare for Strong Customer Authentication Rules

Cross-Border B2B Blockchain Transactions on Pace to Surpass $4.4 Trillion by 2024

Visitors to China Now Have Access to Alipay

Synthetic ID and AI Fraud Rising, Consumer Trust Declining: Report

Report: Risky Mobile Transactions See Triple-Digit Increase

Security and Fraud Leaders Look to Tech Amid Talent Shortage

Stripe Launches in Mexico with Eyes on Latin American Growth

BlueSnap Snaps up Invoicing Automation Company Armatic

Report: Fraud, Payment Processing Challenges Hinder Cross-Border E-Commerce

Study: Consumers Prioritize Convenience over Security When Making Payments