A World of E-Commerce Opportunities and Challenges

A World of E-Commerce Opportunities and Challenges

March 21, 2019

[Editor's note: March is eCom University Month at Card Not Present. Face-to-face education and information sharing among and between peers is the most effective way for e-commerce merchants to get the foundational knowledge of payments and fraud they need to be successful in the space. Check back here throughout the month for updated content detailing the content available at the upcoming CNP Expo.]

The ultimate promise of e-commerce is a world without borders where you can sell goods or services to anyone, anywhere in the world, at any time. In practice, of course, those borders matter quite a bit. Local currency, payment methods, language, banking and tax regulations, logistics and customs all complicate the process of serving customers outside your own country.

Even for mature e-commerce markets like the U.S., however, the vast majority of the world’s purchasing power resides outside its borders. So, navigating those complications becomes lucrative if it means unlocking access to significant new revenue. Sometimes, however, it’s not intuitive for merchants to overcome those challenges. Simple decisions like only accepting credit cards, while perfectly reasonable for sites selling in the U.S., can be calamitous in other markets—even developed ones like Germany—where online shoppers simply don’t use them often.

Confronted by mistakes as basic as this, many merchants don’t even try to venture outside their own country, despite the potential for massive gains.

CNP Expo has always been a place for merchants to explore the worlds outside its borders and learn from experts in cross-border e-commerce the best strategies and tactics to find success and additional revenue abroad. This year we have several opportunities in different formats to learn from those experts.

Workshop: Developing a Global Strategy for Your E-Business

Most broadly, this year’s educational program will provide an hour-long workshop focused on learning how the payments value chain differs from market to market internationally and understanding the essentials of money management flow when revenue originates in another country. An interactive exchange of information on those topics will inform an overall strategy merchants can use as a framework guiding cross-border initiatives.

Optimizing Your Cross-Border Setup

Many companies recognize the opportunity to grow revenue by selling cross-border, but most of them see massive declines as they begin their global journey. This panel of merchants and payment professionals will explore common mistakes merchants make when embarking on a cross-border journey and talk about best practices around fraud, credit card processing, alternative payments and global checkout.

The World of Alternative Payments

Accepting the right payment method in the right market is as important as translating your site into the local language. This panel discussion will cover what alternatives you must accept if you are going to sell in certain markets—and which you should avoid.

Global Fraud School

CNP fraud is growing in just about every market, but it's not the same everywhere. This fireside chat will take you around the world to learn how fraudsters behave in different regions and what antifraud tactics work in which geographies.

Payment and Fraud Challenges Facing E-Commerce Merchants in Latin America

Latin America is an attractive region for U.S. e-commerce merchants, but the landscape can be confusing, changing from one market to another. In some countries, for example, the payment networks support neither Authorization/Capture nor partial refunds while others do. At the same time credit card fraud is rising and the chargebacks are unquestionably a thorn in merchants’ side. In this session, hear the co-founder of Rappi.com one of the region’s fastest growing online businesses, discuss the challenges in various Latin American countries.

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