90% of UK Retailers Investing in Click & Collect: Report

90% of UK Retailers Investing in Click & Collect: Report

October 17, 2019

New research from Barclaycard shows Click & Collect results in more in-store sales for retailers, as 85 percent of shoppers buy additional items in-store when using Click & Collect. As a result, 90 percent of retailers in the U.K. are planning to invest in Click & Collect over the next five years.

Another benefit is a reduction in costs associated with returns—77 percent of retailers said providing the service reduces return volumes. The research also finds that 87 percent of retailers point to Click & Collect as their fastest-growing delivery option. 

“Not only does Click & Collect offer merchants the opportunity to increase sales, our research shows it can improve the overall customer experience as a complement to online shopping, while reducing return volumes too,” said Kirsty Morris, Barclaycard Payment Solutions, in a statement. “With the retail sector facing unprecedented challenges, investing in Click & Collect partnerships should be part of a long-term strategy for retailers to encourage shoppers into stores and respond to the changing shape of the nation’s high streets.”

The research estimates the Click & Collect market will be worth almost £10 billion ($13 billion) by 2023, a growth of 45 percent. Seven in ten shoppers now choose to pick up online orders in-store.

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